The Final Master Key – Part 24 & Commencement is Really the Beginning


The goal of this entire journey through the Master Key Mastermind Alliance is self-reliance. Through the Master Key System, the readings, the Sit, the cards, creation of my DMP with PPN’s and so on are all part of this amazing process. Life is not about being dependent on any guru or guru’s, but to become self-reliant by recognizing and applying the practices we learned in this 26 week journey. Self-reliance is you are one with spirit and everything comes from your world within. If you’re not satisfied in your world without, then you must seek answers for change in your world within. All answers lie within by connecting to Universal Mind—Spirit.

Master Key 24:31 so beautifully states: This week, try to realize that this is truly a wonderful world in which we live, that you are a wonderful being that many are awakening to a knowledge of the Truth, and as fast as they awake and come into a knowledge of the “things which have been prepared for them” they, too, realize that “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man,” the splendors which exist for those who find themselves in the Promised Land. They have crossed the river of judgment and have arrived at the point of discrimination between the true and the false, and have found that all they ever willed or dreamed, was but a faint concept of the dazzling reality.

What I love about the word “Commencement” is that it really means the beginning and not the end. What a relief to know that because of how this experience has impacted and changed my life forever. The feeling of not wanting to let go of the community (aka alliance), Mark, Davene, Trish, and my guide, Lori Enrico, is now possible through Continuation and becoming a lifetime member of MKMMA.

I have been so inspired by all the change in myself and others along my journey that I decided to become a guide for MKMMA so that I can assist others on their hero’s journey, as well. Isn’t life about giving back. The Law of Compensation in action…give more, get more!

Peace, Friends!


Master Key 23 and Self-Assessment Time!


Welcome! We are just one week away from commencement of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I’m experiencing excitement and sadness all at once. A 26-week journey has been such a huge commitment for me and one that I will celebrate forever. It will soon be time to pay it forward again for the next class and welcome those who are ready to embark on the hero’s journey.

At the beginning of MKMMA, we completed a self-assessment to gauge our mindset at the beginning of this experience. Now we repeat to measure our progress. I, ironically, measured within the same range. I’ve been on a personal development journey for nearly 20 years now, so I’m not surprised.

The biggest shift for me during MKMMA is becoming fearless. We are told in the beginning that we would not just overcome fear, but eliminate it. When I say fearless, I mean no self-judgment, no self-doubt, and no worries of what others might think of me…really?!! Yes, it’s true. I am so empowered and taking action in my life, business, relationship’s than ever in my lifetime. It’s a beautiful place to reside.

Be sure to opt in so you can be part of the next MKMMA experience beginning in September.

My biggest take away from Master Key 23 is that we are a spirit with a body, not a body with a spirit. Our ability to make direct connection with our Infinite Mind and spirit allows us to move things in our favor for business, success, relationships and so on through our ability to manifest with Spirit. We have infinite supply within us to draw upon to mould, manipulate and fashion to its will. Most of mankind goes through life never understanding and tapping into the true power that lies within.


Three Days of Silence…What a Gift!


Prior to my Master Key Experience, I have maintained a commitment to daily quiet time each day without fail for prayer, scripture reading, and my daily gratitude journal.  I would occasionally meditate, but really didn’t have a consistent time for doing so.  I knew that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God.

Now, I couldn’t imagine a day without meditation.  In MKE, we call it a sit, which is 15-30 minutes each day.  Each week is dedicated to a Master Key and meditating on that assignment each day for a week.  Sounds very doable, right? Well it is and my experience has been that so much insight flows when I connect with the Infinite source within me.  Some days when I seek guidance, I do more than one sit.

Within just a few weeks of MKE coming to a close, a minimum of a three day silence was introduced.  Wow, what a gift, and one that excites me at just the mere thought of three days or more of complete silence.  A complete unplugging from the world and connecting to Source within for all guidance is exciting at the mere thought of it all.

At the time of this writing, I am prepping for a fitness competition which concludes on June 25 and I am planning my three plus day silence for post show.  This dedicated silence involves unplugging from all technology, TV, and talking to anyone for three days.  I’m eager to experience what the Infinite power within, my Divine Mind, has in store for me.


Week 22 – The Hero’s Journey – Moving from the Known to the Unknown


This Master Key Experience is winding down and I’m becoming a bit melancholy over that fact.  I’ve never been great with goodbyes and endings.  I’m a sentimental sap of sorts.

This entire experience is about our journey in discovering our true authentic self.  The known is the roles we play in life.  For me: some of my roles are wife, daughter, sister, landlord, real estate investor, real estate broker, business leader in my network marketing business, and so on.

So in our defined roles in life are we really aware of our true authentic self or just acting out the roles we carry out of obligation.  Have I even met who she is, my true authentic self yet in this lifetime?  During this experience, I’ve had encounters with her as I move from directed to self-directed.  As I move from fearful to fearless, I’m discovering how courageous she really is.  I really like who she is, but what’s more important is that others are responding to her too in such a positive way, as well.  Now that’s a beautiful thing and so rewarding.  The more I become authentic and true to myself, the more I give permission to others to do the same.

In Master Key 22, we know that knowledge is of priceless value, because by applying knowledge we can make our future what we wish it to be.

We know that everything in the Universe is what it is by virtue of its rate of vibration.  It is through the law of vibration that the mind exercises this control over the body.  Therefore, we can change the vibration and thus produce any condition which we desire to manifest in our bodies.

When we come into recognition of this omnipresent power within us, we can quickly destroy any and every form of sickness and substitute harmony and perfection.

Imagine how we could change our world if everyone understood their power within.


Master Key 21 – Bigger is Better…Plus Challenges


First let’s dive into the challenges. This week I have felt out of my flow that I have been enjoying since week 13. Thoughts that defeat me started flooding back into my head. I felt completely dumbfounded with this because I continue to be diligent with daily mind work required to realize my DMP. I shared my struggles with my mastermind partner and she shared that setbacks happen and keeping focusing on your ultimate goals and to do the do anyway. Sound advice! Action always trumps BS talk in my head.

It wasn’t until I started digging in to Master Key 21 that I suddenly had clarity on my challenges. It was my old mental blueprint attempting to take back residence in my mind. Of course, my old mental blueprint would make this attempt by grabbing onto my ankles as I’m about to kick it off the cliff of my life for good. In that moment of recognizing, acknowledging and saying goodbye to my old mental blueprint forever, the mental fog began to lift. Yes!

Master Key 21 truly excites me because we have complete control over our outcomes in life. The secret sauce to success is to think BIG thoughts. Allow yourself the freedom to do this. Think the unimaginable because it’s not only possible, it’s predictable. Everything we have been doing with our definite major purpose (DMP), our plan of action (POA), our positive mental attitude (PMA) along with the mastermind alliance (MMA) are all equaling success! When you are fully committed to read your DMP and your plan of action multiple times a day combined with a positive mental attitude and participation in the mastermind, the conscious mind is impressing onto the subconscious mind a pattern of creative energy that will show up in your life. There is no room for us to fret over the how part, the universe will align the how for us.

When our individual mind, our thoughts, meet the power of the Universal Mind or Divine Mind, which is our world within, we are then tapping into the source of all power. The greater the degree of unity with this power, the greater our power will be to control and master any condition in our world without.

21:9 In this way conditions are produced and we find that our lives are simply the reflection of our dominating thoughts, our mental attitude.

Thus, how I was able to recognize my old mental blueprint and decide to override those thoughts with my new mental blueprint.

I must interject a word of warning, 21:14 It is, however, no easy matter to change the mental attitude, but by persistent effort it may be accomplished; the mental attitude is patterned after the mental pictures which have been photographed on the brain; if you do not like the pictures, destroy the negatives and create new pictures; this is the art of visualization. 21:15 As soon as you have done this you will begin to attract new things, and the new things will correspond to the new pictures. To do this: impress on the mind a perfect picture of the desire which you wish to have objectified and continue to hold the picture in mind until results are obtained.

Lastly, 21:27 The Divine Mind makes no exceptions to favor any individual; but when the individual understands and realizes his Unity with the Universal principle he will appear to be favored because he will have found the source of all health, all wealth and all power.


Master Key 20 – Your Spiritual Power Awaits You


Oh my goodness, Master Key 20 gets me so fired up! I have truly enjoyed and taken full advantage of the Master Key system in my life. My favorite part of MKMMA, is doing the daily Sit for each master key. We focus on each master key for one week. 20:9 says, but perception will come only in the Silence; this seems to be the condition required for all great purposes. You are a visualizing entity. Imagination is your workshop. It is here that your ideal is to be visualized.

Wisdom, truth, insight and so on are what you open yourself up to when you meditate daily on the master key assignment. If you’re not currently doing some sort of meditation daily, I highly encourage it. Of course all of my fellow MKMMA’ers are with me on the benefits of concentrated meditation time.

In Master Key 20, we learn that we all have spiritual power within us, but unless we become conscious of it, recognize it, and make use of it, it holds no value in our life. With our directed thoughts, we are able to form in our world within that which we wish to create in our world without.

In 20:8, it states when you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself, is you, you begin to do things; you begin to feel your power; it is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe. It is this power which will enable you to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully.

It is through this power that we are able to create, visualize, and manifest our Definite Major Purpose or Dharma without fail. 20:13 says that this power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor saving device ever dreamed of; by the help of this power you can confidently undertake things that are seemingly impossible, because this power is the secret of all inspiration, all genius.

We are free to use our marvelous creative power at will. How exciting is that!


Week 19 – May the Vital Force Be With You


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with this title since there has been so much Star Wars talk lately. Welcome to Week 19 and thank you for reading and commenting on my post.

First, as a general statement, the meditation time we do each week that we refer to as a sit have become very profound for me especially the further we go in the Master Key system. I’m not sure if this is my ability to concentrate more or better or the content with which I’m meditating on. Either way, the creativity that flows from sit time and the insight is amazing and applicable toward my DMP achievement.

In Master Key 19, we learn about the vital force we all have within us. Most of us go through life never even knowing what we are truly capable of being, doing, and achieving. So, let’s crack open that egg right now.

Speaking purely from my own experience, I think the best way I can illustrate how the vital force is working for me is that I no longer have fear debilitating or controlling my life. Understanding your vital force within is really about becoming conscious of your power. When you are conscious of your power, you have the ability to eliminate fear.

In building my business, I encounter people all the time who want or desire achievements for themselves, but they fear taking action, stepping into the unknown, uncertainty and all the negative emotions they have been conditioned to feel associated with stepping out of their comfort zone.

Before MKMMA, I was no exception. I would come in and out of courageous moments where I would take action and then I wouldn’t.

When we started MKMMA, we were told that through this experience, we would not only overcome our fears, we would eliminate them. Being unhappy with where I was at the time, I clung to these words. I am diligent with the work required and the results are flowing. Anyone can do this. You will quickly learn to recognize your resistance and how to let go of your old mental blueprint that is keeping you stuck.

In 19:17 it states: but the fact remains that if your thought is powerful, constructive, and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of your health, your business and your environment.

Your vital force is your thoughts. You have the power to change your thoughts and you create change in your life.


Master Key 18 – The Power to Create


Welcome and thank you for reading and commenting on my blog posts!

We all have the power already within us to create. Create what? We have the power to create whatever we want in our lives, as long as it’s good for you and doesn’t take away good from others.

Some may reply, “I don’t know what I want”. What I say is, Yes, you do…YES, you do. The reason people don’t know what they want out of life is because they don’t believe it’s possible to even obtain it. Give yourself permission to believe it’s possible. You already have everything within you to make it so.” When you allow yourself to believe it, you can absolutely achieve it.

If you already believe that we were created by God and He created us in his likeness, then we know there is God force energy within waiting for us to tap into it, to use it for our good and for the good of all. Our subconscious mind that never sleeps is just waiting for you to direct it.

Master Key 18:11 states Universal Intelligence permeates all things ready to be called into action; they do not know it is responsive to every demand, and they are therefore in bondage to the law of their own being.

We are creating our own bondage, our own self-imposed limitations through our resistance to our calling.  Stop resisting your calling in life!

There is undoubtedly a shift occurring within me that didn’t exist before MKMMA. That shift is creating a movement whereby the people and places required for my DMP to come to fruition are moving toward me and happening faster than imaginable for most people. But, not for us in the MKMMA, this is exactly what we would expect to happen. What we are experiencing is not only expected, it’s predictable if you do the work, the mental work consistently every day.


The Hero’s Journey


This week we are slowing down in order to speed up. We are not moving on to Master Key 18, at least, not just yet. Instead we are focusing in on the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey is the journey to become my future self. My future self is self-reliant, self-confident, she is shedding her old skin and is born anew, she is forming good habits and becoming their slave, she leads with love in her heart, with love she increases her sales a hundredfold and becomes a great salesman, she persists until she succeeds, she is rare and there is value in all rarity and she is nature’s greatest miracle. This list will continue to grow as I add another scroll each month to my readings.

A few more assignments this week, but mainly we are focusing in on the progression. Your commitment to the progression is really about consistency on a daily basis. How committed are you to realizing your future self?

The payoff is massive and I can honestly say I am experiencing the shift. This started in week 13 for me and I have completely embraced it.

The persistence progression is linked to 5 habits
1. Gratitude
2. Kindness
3. Movement
4. “The Sit”
5. “Reliving” a nice moment – write 1-2 sentences

By living into these daily disciplines you will have something extraordinary ALL people desire.

Stay tuned!


Week 17 – Concentration Yields Visualization


Welcome to week 17 and thank you for reading my blog posts and commenting!

This week’s meditation is about concentration. This involves letting go of any conscious effort to do so. Relaxing completely into the meditation and allowing your subconscious to focus in on your ideal. We know that desire is purely subconscious, that desire, a burning desire is necessary to achieve success; therefore, your ability to concentrate is allowing the subconscious thoughts to take over so that you are conscious of nothing else.

We know from previous lessons that the subconscious mind will act out all that we consistently feed it. It has no way of discerning whether the information we feed it consistently and persistently is real or not, so it will naturally make it so. Therefore, we must be clear on what we desire because the subconscious will give you what you ask of it. People, places and things will come into alignment to create the outcome you seek through clear, concise direction and repetition.

This week’s meditation was a challenge for me the first couple of tries. Then as I relaxed into the concentration, I began to experience a very vivid and clear visualization. I’m not sure if this visualization means that I’ve broken my concentration or that could it be so concentrated that I am materializing the vision in my subconscious. I would like to believe the latter.

We know that success lies in our ability to create an idealization, visualization and materialization.

I find each one of the Master Key lessons become more and more exciting knowing that simple daily disciplines can completely alter the course of my life and thus achievement of my Dharma or Definite Major Purpose.

Two key points I wish to mention in this lesson are 17:8 which states Desire is largely subconscious; conscious desire rarely realizes its object when the latter is out of immediate reach. Subconscious desire arouses the latent faculties of the mind, and difficult problems seem to solve themselves. Secondly, in 17:17 the intensity of one moment’s earnest concentration and the intense longing to become and to attain may take you further than years of slow normal and forced effort; it will unfasten the prison bars of unbelief, weakness, impotence and self-belittlement, and you will come into a realization of the joy of overcoming.