Week 9 – Health, Wealth & Love Affirmation


A few weeks prior to my official introduction to Master Key #9, I had jumped ahead to this reading for purely personal reasons.

During an annual physical exam, a lump was discovered in my neck. After an Ultra Sound was performed, it turns out one lump was really five lumps. Now I’m a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, so the news may have rocked some, but for me I just took it to God in prayer and said, “your plan is my plan whatever you have in store for me.”

Since July, I have been preparing my 51-year old body for it’s first ever Fitness America pageant. Living into nutrition and exercise disciplines that I’ve never done before in my life. As I write this blog post, I celebrate my completion of this goal and look forward to a future competition in 2016.



Knowing full well that being part of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, we are learning some very powerful mind exercises and I was compelled to reach out to a friend in the alliance and shared with her what was going on in my personal life. She immediately put me on to Master Key #9 and the Health, Wealth & Love affirmation.

I immediately started reciting this affirmation several times throughout each day. I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy. This affirmation is the last thing I speak aloud at night and the first thing I speak aloud in the morning.

After returning home from my fitness competition, I had a biopsy. I’m still awaiting the results of the test. However, I have an overwhelming feeling of certainty that all is well.

We have the ability to hold in our mind the condition desired and affirm it as an already existing fact. This indicates the value of a powerful affirmation. By constant repetition, it becomes a part of ourselves. We are actually changing ourselves; are making ourselves what we want to be.

“I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.”


Week 8 – Press Release Read & Sit


We are just one week away from completing our first trimester in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. This first trimester is where all the time consuming set up work is required in order to begin the hard mental labor of putting it all into practice. In MKMMA, we like to say “perfect practice prevents poor performance”. The more you faithfully practice the daily exercises, the more you feed your subconscious it’s new mental blueprint and BAM, your subby begins to make it so.

By communicating to your subconscious using the 7 ways we learn, we can be sure we have covered all bases. It’s also like giving your conscious mind a vacation while your subconscious mind is working overtime for your benefit.

This week we are taking the Press Release we wrote in week five and we are doing a read and sit. Picture in your mind that your DMP or Definite Major Purpose is complete. A press release is super exciting to write knowing the idea is that you are being celebrated and you get to choose who interviews you for the announcement.

I get butterflies in my belly from the excitement of just thinking about this. Imagine that your personal pivotal needs along with your smart goals are celebrated for their achievement in your press release. You read your press release aloud and meditate, hence the sit, on seeing the future self as present. This is so powerful and a necessary part of training our subconscious to move us in the direction we wish to go. This is one of my favorite exercises because the visual is so crystal clear and the feelings and emotions that come to the surface during the sit are physical and raw.

In order to cultivate the imagination, it must be exercised. Exercise is necessary to cultivate mental muscle as well as physical muscle. Constructive imagination means mental labor, by some considered to be the hardest kind of labor, but, if so, it yields the greatest returns, for all the great things in life have come to men and women who had the capacity to think, to imagine, and to make their dreams come true. ~ The Master Key System


Week 7 – You Are Going To Be a Star


Welcome to week 7. This has been the most fun week for me yet! Most people don’t even make it to this point, so for those of us who have persevered through our resistance and give our best not the best we can do…Massive Congratulations!!

The first nine weeks in the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance requires time to setup what we are learning to do in order to “pepper” our subconscious with the desires of the heart. Once the setup is done, then comes the hard mental labor that so few are willing to do, but is so worth it to invest the time and energy in order to manifest and create a new mental blueprint and say bye bye to the old one. This is really exciting stuff that no one ever teaches you how to really do it, until now.

We take our DMP or Definite Major Purpose along with our PPN’s or Personal Pivotal Needs and we start feeding it to our subconscious in many different ways. Actually we are incorporating all of the seven different ways that we learn, which are:

1. Visual (Spatial) – You prefer using pictures, images, color and other visual media to replace words with pictures.
2. Musical (Auditory) – You prefer sound and music to create visualizations.
3. Verbal (Linguistic) – You prefer using words in both speech and writing.
4. Physical (Kinesthetic) – You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
5. Solitary (Intrapersonal) – You prefer to work alone and use self-study.
6. Social (Interpersonal) – You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
7. Logical (Mathematical) – You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.

In other words, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving our subconscious clarity on what we desire.

In weeks four, five and six, I started experiencing a shift and people and events started happening in my favor. These are exciting times and we are one-third of the way through this journey. Stay the course, give your best, and the future you desire will unfold before you.


Week 6 – The Importance of a Guide


This 27-week experience is pretty amazing in itself, but did I mention that each one of us has our own personal guide through the process. Along with having a guide, we have the powerful community of people in the mastermind group all working together in alliance with one another. We can share victories, challenges, ask questions, share our DMP and so on. It’s a pretty cool way to stay connected and really get to know one another all around the world.

Back to my Guide. This past week I really got to experience the importance of my guide and her role in moving me forward with my DMP. Interestingly, I thought I had placed the cherry on top and finished the task of writing and expressing with emotion and sacrifice my DMP. A DMP is Definite Major Purpose or your Chief Aim in Life, sometimes referred to as your WHY.

I was feeling really good about my DMP and the thought and time I invested in it when my Guide, started asking if what I was writing was really what I wanted or was I really attempting to express another personal pivotal need. At first I was feeling defeated, even annoyed, and even a bit of a failure in how many revisions it was taking for me to really nail my DMP. I’m a Red personality type, so patience does not come naturally for me. I truly have to work at it.

But then I took a step back, opened my mind and my heart and suddenly felt grateful for her courage to confront me so I could see what I couldn’t see for myself. She was so determined and committed to assist me to be victorious in this process that she suggested we connect by phone. I appreciate that opportunity to get to know her as a friend, an ally. We covered what needed to be said in lightning fast speed so I could understand how my DMP was still lacking oxygen for the soul. Think about this, when you read your DMP aloud, if you’re not getting absolutely fired up, excited and enthusiastic with what you read, then how is the subconscious supposed to make it so. Remember, “words are the highest form of architecture in civilization…and the passport to success”.