Week 13 – The Power of Gratitude


Welcome to Week 13 of my MKMMA journey! We are at the half way point and every week I learn new tools to crush the cement in my life and plant my DMP deeper into my subconscious.

When writing out three daily gratitude’s on index cards was introduced in MKMMA, I was so happy because expressing gratitude has been a part of my daily life for some time. When I received Christ into my heart at nine years old, I can’t say that I understood how having a heart of gratitude would play out in my life, but over the years this power has revealed itself.

When I joined my network marketing company in 2011, one of my millionaire mentors suggested making a daily gratitude list by writing out ten things I was grateful for every day with twenty on Sunday. It was recommended that we form an alliance by getting a partner and email your list to your partner each day. Over the years, I have had different partners and we always made it a habit to gift one another our year of gratitude at the end of each year.

In addition to daily gratitude, it was highly recommended to write an annual gratitude letter dated December 31 for the following year. I always have made it a habit to write this letter on December 31 of the current year for the following year. This has been my habit for five years. My letter often will include key areas I wish to write about like: Health, Businesses, Finances, Faith Walk, My Husband, Serving, Personal Development, Recreation, Family. The point is whatever is important to you. I would read it aloud, share it with others, and read periodically throughout that year.

Just like our MKMMA recipe for success by reading our DMP, having a Positive Mental Attitude, a Plan of Action and our Mastermind Alliance, so it is also true of expressing gratitude for that which has not yet happened in the physical world as a tool to bring it forth.

We know then that Master Key 13:12 comes as no surprise to us who are already leveraging the power of the mind. “12. If then, we find that certain persons seem to possess unusual power, what are we to conclude? First, we may say, it is not so, which is simply an acknowledgment of our lack of information because every honest investigator admits that there are many strange and previously unaccountable phenomena constantly take place. Those, however, who become acquainted with the creative power of thought, will no longer consider them unaccountable.

Furthermore in 13:15 It will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical , mental or spiritual. 13:17 goes on to say, If we think of some form of material wealth we may secure it. By concentrated thought the required conditions will be brought about, and the proper effort put forth, which will result in bringing about the circumstances necessary to realize our desires.

Gratitude opens many doors that could never be opened otherwise.

Gratitude_Deepok Chopra


Week 12 – 3 Step Plan of Thought


Law of Attraction

Every week we learn a new Master Key and as I read each week’s lesson, it is confirmation for me that all the time, effort and work I am putting in to this will reap the desired results.  For the first time in my life, I have clarity of purpose. I am driving deep into my subconscious my definite major purpose in so many ways that I now can see without seeing, hear without hearing, and so on. It is so deep in my mind that I can recall it at any time.

We know thus far that the world within determines the world without. If you’re dissatisfied with your world without then the work must begin in your world within.

This week we are learning that eternal vigilance is the price of success. There are three steps and each one is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; and third, the faith to do.

With this as a basis you can construct an ideal business, an ideal home, ideal friends, and an ideal environment. You are not restricted as to material or cost. Thought is omnipotent and has the power to draw on the Infinite bank of primary substance for all that it requires.

Infinite resources are therefore at your command. Now is not the time for chaos. You must be clear on your ideal. We use the metaphors of the compass and the magnifying glass. We live by the compass rather than the clock. The how and when is not our concern, but the direction of where we are going is. The magnifying glass represents the focus required to get us to our ideal.

Further study of Master Key 12 says that the Law of Attraction or Love is that thought will correlate with its object and bring forth in the material world the correspondence of the thing thought or produced in the mental world.

I am fascinated by the fact that the more we exercise this law, the more the power increases with use.

Each lesson has a sit or meditation time included. This week I was so drawn in by the sit, that after 15 minutes, I reset my timer and did another 15 minutes. It is during this time that you get in touch with the Omnipotent power of your subconscious mind from which all power is evolved.


Week 11 – Recipe for Success



That’s it in a nutshell. You have these four components and you are guaranteed success!

We spent a lot of time working and re-working and for some of us re-working some more our DMP or Definite Major Purpose. This is not something to be rushed because this is the core of your success. You must be authentic in your desire for the personal pivotal needs you choose and your DMP must be chocked full of feelings and emotions. If you’re not crying when you read your DMP or getting super excited about the achievement of your DMP, then chances are you’re not being authentic. One final key and uber important component of your DMP is what are you going to sacrifice for it to come to fruition.

Then we started learning and applying the 7 Day Mental Diet building our Positive Mental Attitude. In the 7 day mental diet, the goal is to go 7 days without a negative thought or spoken word. Try it sometime and let me know how you do? You may agree that 7 seconds may be considered a victory at first. But persistence over time and you will be able to go longer periods of time without a negative word or thought. Hint: give up your opinion on everything and it gets much easier. Congratulations!

Next we added to our recipe the POA or Plan of Action. Every week we add another commitment to move us toward achievement on our smart goals. A smart goal is a goal that supports a personal pivotal need. Your Definite Major Purpose is driven by your two personal pivotal needs. You decide what two you have a burning desire to achieve. They are: Legacy, Liberty, Autonomy, True Health, Recognition for Creative Expression, Helping Others, and Spiritual Growth. Your weekly commitment you add to your index card must be accomplished so make sure it is something you can and will do. The doing is more important.

Lastly is the MMA or Mastermind Alliance. This is where we as a community can come together on different topics ask questions, share, uplift and support one another. Great minds sharing great ideas means everyone wins and grows together. We are all learning, growing and stretching our minds in ways never been done before, so the community of like-minded individuals all working toward letting go of our old mental blueprints and living into our new mental blueprints is beyond words.


Week 10 – The Results are In…The Power of the Mind


Thank you all for following my blog and maybe even saying a prayer on my behalf. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The results of my biopsy were so favorable that when the doctor read the pathology report, I flung my arms in the air and yelled, “Yay, God!”

The lumps in my neck are referred to as goiters. The first question you may have and we did too is, “what causes goiters”? Now going into this whole scenario my husband had a theory that my body was iodine deficient, which can come from lacking salt in your diet. Hence, my show preparation may have contributed to such a deficiency. As soon as I returned home from my fitness show, I started taking iodine drops daily and continue to do so. We believe we can get rid of the goiters in my body through this regimen. The doctor never really had a clear cut answer to what causes goiters, but indicated it could come from an iodine deficiency. I know my husband was patting himself on the back at the doctor’ statement and rightly he should. Goiters are common in third world countries, but a little more uncommon in our first world society. My doctor wants to check me annually to be sure all remains good in my body. My plan and intention is that next year’s ultra sound will reveal no goiters. Poof, gone.

So, let’s tie this all back to the Master Key Ten. Let’s assume that when I learned of these five goiters in my neck that I started assuming the worst, like they were cancerous in my body. Do you suppose that the outcome of the biopsy would have been the same? Of course not. You see the power of our mind can bring about what we think about. If I had focused on cancer, cancer, cancer, I would be giving you a much different report today.

We must take personal responsibility for our minds and how we choose to think and direct our thinking to serve us and others. We all have a spiritual power within us that allows us to exist on a higher plane. We must first acknowledge this power as infinite power we have available to us, but more importantly we must feed it, nurture it and grow it to help ourselves and others. This is a universal law that exists whether we exercise it or not. “It is not I doeth the works, but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the work.”

Can you start to see the power behind what we are learning and applying in all areas of our lives and especially to our Definite Major Purpose and how we are able to make it so.

I want to leave you with the famous quote from Nelson Mandela, which seems most fitting for this post.

Nelson Mandela

Love and Peace, Friends.