Master Key 18 – The Power to Create


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We all have the power already within us to create. Create what? We have the power to create whatever we want in our lives, as long as it’s good for you and doesn’t take away good from others.

Some may reply, “I don’t know what I want”. What I say is, Yes, you do…YES, you do. The reason people don’t know what they want out of life is because they don’t believe it’s possible to even obtain it. Give yourself permission to believe it’s possible. You already have everything within you to make it so.” When you allow yourself to believe it, you can absolutely achieve it.

If you already believe that we were created by God and He created us in his likeness, then we know there is God force energy within waiting for us to tap into it, to use it for our good and for the good of all. Our subconscious mind that never sleeps is just waiting for you to direct it.

Master Key 18:11 states Universal Intelligence permeates all things ready to be called into action; they do not know it is responsive to every demand, and they are therefore in bondage to the law of their own being.

We are creating our own bondage, our own self-imposed limitations through our resistance to our calling.  Stop resisting your calling in life!

There is undoubtedly a shift occurring within me that didn’t exist before MKMMA. That shift is creating a movement whereby the people and places required for my DMP to come to fruition are moving toward me and happening faster than imaginable for most people. But, not for us in the MKMMA, this is exactly what we would expect to happen. What we are experiencing is not only expected, it’s predictable if you do the work, the mental work consistently every day.

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3 thoughts on “Master Key 18 – The Power to Create”

  1. Great post, Patty! What you say is so true… So often people don’t create the life that they dream of because they don’t think it’s possible. Tragic when you consider what any person is capable of once they find their passion and learn how to control their thoughts. Thanks for sharing these insights and about your own personal growth! AWESOME!

    1. Thank you, Daniel, for your comments. I’m grateful for the people who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Time to pay it forward!

  2. Lovely, lovely encouragement, Patty. Really enjoyed this post. What a gift we truly have … in this course, in our minds, in having life. Happy to be sharing the journey with you!

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