Master Key 23 and Self-Assessment Time!


Welcome! We are just one week away from commencement of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I’m experiencing excitement and sadness all at once. A 26-week journey has been such a huge commitment for me and one that I will celebrate forever. It will soon be time to pay it forward again for the next class and welcome those who are ready to embark on the hero’s journey.

At the beginning of MKMMA, we completed a self-assessment to gauge our mindset at the beginning of this experience. Now we repeat to measure our progress. I, ironically, measured within the same range. I’ve been on a personal development journey for nearly 20 years now, so I’m not surprised.

The biggest shift for me during MKMMA is becoming fearless. We are told in the beginning that we would not just overcome fear, but eliminate it. When I say fearless, I mean no self-judgment, no self-doubt, and no worries of what others might think of me…really?!! Yes, it’s true. I am so empowered and taking action in my life, business, relationship’s than ever in my lifetime. It’s a beautiful place to reside.

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My biggest take away from Master Key 23 is that we are a spirit with a body, not a body with a spirit. Our ability to make direct connection with our Infinite Mind and spirit allows us to move things in our favor for business, success, relationships and so on through our ability to manifest with Spirit. We have infinite supply within us to draw upon to mould, manipulate and fashion to its will. Most of mankind goes through life never understanding and tapping into the true power that lies within.

Seven Days To A New You!

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