Week 3 – Letting Go of Resistance


Thank you for coming along on this 26-week journey with me as I feed you some weekly nuggets from this experience in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance community. Stick with me on this because your investment of time to read a 300-600 word blog post could prove to be a game changer for your life too.

Now I have been working on myself for many years on my own personal development journey of seeking ways to become my highest and best self. So coming into this mastermind I already have an acute awareness of myself and my actions and reactions to stimuli.

You may recall from my week 1 post that this mastermind group is quite unique in that you can’t throw down a few grand to get in and choose to do nothing for 26 weeks. Quite the contrary, in fact. The beauty of this alliance is like stepping into a rehab or 12-step program where you either choose to let go of your resistance to the process, i.e. step out of denial, or you’re out of the program. It’s quite simple.

Letting go of your resistance is a choice. The key to it all is recognizing that you’re in resistance in the first place. I can only speak for myself so one of the first ways resistance showed up for me was during the application process to get into the mastermind alliance. My mind was chattering about why must I go buy 3×5 index cards, two 3-ring binders, and colored pencils before I can hit the submit button on my completed application. In that moment, I chose to acknowledge my resistance to the process and step out of it. I fulfilled my obligation by purchasing the required items and submitted my application. The rest is history.

This is just one example and there could be countless others. The importance of this lesson for you is the root cause of resistance is Fear. Self assess, where in your life are you stuck in resistance that could be robbing you of your joy, happiness, destiny in life. The truth about Fear is that it’s a lie. Fear may feel real, but it’s simply a fabrication of the mind, specifically the Ego. Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

The promise that lies ahead for me in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance is elimination of all fear, doubt and procrastination from my life. Listen to me now, I said ELIMINATION of all FEAR, DOUBT, and PROCRASTINATION . This promise is available to everyone who chooses to surrender to the process, complete the required work and live in harmony in the mastermind community.

Stop giving your power to the Devil. Let go, let God.


Week 2 – The Power Behind Your DMP


What is a DMP? The acronym, DMP, means your Definite Major Purpose. A DMP is also known as Dharma, which means to be living a life with purpose, on purpose and of purpose.

Last week, you may remember the topic was Pay It Forward. I was so enamored by the fact that I could be part of such an incredible opportunity, yet pay nothing to be included in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. If you haven’t read my week 1 post, I urge you to check it out now.

Back to the concept of a DMP. In week 1 I knocked out a rough draft of my definite major purpose and I will continue to build upon it for the first four weeks of this mastermind alliance. Why would we devote four weeks on developing my very own definite major purpose? Consider your DMP to be your chief aim in life, coupled with your personal pivotal needs (PPN) and this statement becomes the fuel to create and manifest effortlessly through the master keys. Let me explain.

The reason you should develop your own DMP before embarking on any task, goal or dream, is because when you start to come up against opposition, challenges, self-doubt or negative self-talk, the emotion and passion behind your DMP and the benefits for achieving your DMP will override anything and I mean anything that attempts to take you out of the game or pull you away from your goals and dreams. No DMP is like constructing a building without having a blueprint to build it. Everyone requires a DMP and a system for creating and manifesting it into your life.

Now this may be sounding all “airy fairy” to you at this point, but allow me to share a real life experience with you that possibly you can relate to in your own experiences.

Nearly five years ago when I was a burned out and exhausted real estate broker, I decided to launch my home-based business. Being elated at the fact that I could generate residual income rather than traditional income and be able to do this from any geographic location in the world using the Internet was pretty darn exciting for me. At first I achieved some pretty amazing milestones operating on what we like to coin, “ignorance on fire”. As I came up on road blocks, challenges, people not buying into my dream, self-doubt and so on, apathy started to set in and before I knew it, I was out of the game. What? I gave up on my dream?
Looking back if I had developed my DMP and had the tools that I am learning and putting into practice now each week back then, I would have easily eliminated all the negative road blocks that stopped me in my tracks.

So here’s the bottom line. Imagine that your four week investment of time could be worth eliminating all fear, all doubt and all procrastination from your life by developing your DMP that is in alignment with your purpose. Here we go!



Week 1 Paying It Forward


Week 1 has been a whirlwind of preparation for a successful launch into the Master Keys.

As a longtime advocate of continuous personal improvement, I found myself extremely grateful for being introduced to the concept of a pay it forward scholarship. What a profound idea I had never encountered before, until now.

Allow me to first set the stage for why I love and embrace this concept of learning and improvement of oneself.

Possibly you can relate to my own experience that when a product, book, or the like presented itself as a way to improve my life, an investment was required. Notice I said investment meaning I’m investing in myself for the purpose of achieving a desired result or outcome.

There are countless times, more than I would like to admit, where I fell prey to another self-proclaimed guru or upsell situation that involved getting out my wallet to make that investment, only to be disappointed with the promised outcome.

This is why the Pay It Forward Scholarship concept is so welcome and unique. It is unique in the sense that it’s impossible to buy your way into this program.

The first requirement is an application process. After completing the application, you are notified within 72 hours if your application is complete, correct and if you are accepted into the program.

Could you get excited about simply completing an application and receiving access to training in a Master Mind environment with other like minded individuals seeking personal improvement at no cost? Absolutely. Access to the Master Keys with no upfront investment certainly moved me in the direction of completing the application as quickly as possible.

So here’s the “catch” if you must have one. The class of applicants who completed the 26 week program have paid it forward so you can be introduced to the Master Keys and become part of the Master Mind Alliance too. Your participation has been paid forward by the previous class. What a beautiful concept.

As you begin to embrace this scholarship opportunity and the transformational power available to you within, the value it places on your life determines the investment for the next class.

Are YOU ready to pay it forward?