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January 23, 2017


Susan Sly: It is my honor and privilege to interview this beautiful woman, Patty Bender. But first, let me tell you a little bit about her. She joined Isagenix in May, 2011, already a very successful entrepreneur in the real estate profession. Patty is a 17 year real estate broker and investor. She and her three female business partners opened two Keller Williams Realty franchises in the Lake Norman market of North Carolina. It is through the KW business model where Patty was first introduced to residual income. She is recognized as one of the top income earners in real estate sales earning a multiple six figure annual income and one of the top profit share earners in the Keller Williams Realty business model for her local market. She has earned recognition by her clients as a Five Star Real Estate Professional for eight consecutive years.

With 17 years of personal experience in sales and free enterprise, Patty has received numerous awards in Isagenix and Team Success, but most recently she has maxed out her first business center, which pays her $702,000 worth of residual income annually. So massive congratulations to you!

Patty, let’s first talk about why with all of your success in real estate, why would you look to build another business and choose Isagenix?

Me: First of all, Susan, thank you for the opportunity to share my story. I think it may help our audience if I may take everyone back to 2001 first and why I was in search of a leveraged business model.

I started selling real estate in 1999. I met my future partners in 2001 and we were approved to open our first franchise in October of that year. Literally five days after I left the Century 21 franchise to start our KW franchise, 9/11 happened. I believe in God Winking moments and having the opportunity to own a franchise in a moment in history where pandemonium was in play was certainly no exception. From 9/11 until the start of 2002, we focused on building our team of agents because literally no one was buying or selling real estate. You may recall that in the United States, we felt we may be living out the Revelation.

Fast forward to 2004, we added another franchise because the economy had rebounded and we were in an upswing in the market. Even though the market was thriving, Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams Realty started warning us that there would be a downturn in the economy and it would be catastrophic. Despite the warning signs, the market kept pumping in new homes and buying and selling confidence persisted all the way through 2007.

Thankfully another God Winking moment presented itself in 2007 that it was time to cut ties with our partners and sell our stock. We sold for top dollar and never looked back. It was a 7-figure pay day for us. My husband, Bruce, had exited his NASCAR career at the end of 2005 and was selling real estate too along with managing our staff and buyer agents for The Patty Bender Team.

When you live and breath real estate what feels like 24/7, you soon begin to realize that there has to be a better way and time freedom was something we were yearning for from the pace we were living.

Because we had taken advantage of the profit share part of the Keller Williams Realty business model, we had always received residual income by helping to build a team of agents. Profit share is available to all agents within Keller Williams Realty as a way to develop another income stream outside of your sales business.

We were living proof that residual income worked and we were in search of this model again outside of real estate. Unfortunately, it took us several years before we were introduced to Isagenix and even then didn’t say yes immediately.

I believe the rest is history as they say. I joined Isagenix because I was a tired, burned out, overweight real estate broker in search of a better way. My goal was to replace my real estate income of $30k-50k per month with residual income from Isagenix.


Susan Sly: So you joined our team in Isagenix and because you were a rockstar in real estate, you became an overnight success in Isagenix too?

Me: Chuckle Chuckle. That’s an interesting point you make because for some reason I assumed that because I had great success in real estate that I should be able to just slide right into immediate success in Isagenix too. When it didn’t happen that way, I remember my husband reminding me of my early days in real estate and the time it required to develop myself as the go to person for real estate in a state where I had no friends, family or presence to rely on to jumpstart my business. It took years of consistent effort and persistence and why should I expect this to be any different. Looking back I was living with entitlement issues, but I was also an exhausted real estate broker and I just wanted it to go faster in Isagenix. I yearned to reap the rewards before I was fully committed to do the do to get there.

Susan Sly: Let’s celebrate the rank you did achieve in February 2012, because only a small percentage of people do achieve the rank of Executive, 1 Star Golden Circle. So Congratulations Patty!

Me: Thank you, Susan. I still remember that moment at your Power Prospecting event in Toronto with you and David Wood and 300 entrepreneurs in the room.

Susan Sly: Let’s shift gears and talk about the time between achieving Executive and today, which is January 23, 2017. Can you recap this timeframe for our audience and the transformation you experienced.

Me: Absolutely, I would be happy to do so. Basically between February 2012 and November 2015, I existed in a state of apathy in my business. I came in and out of periods of productivity. I lived in resistance, fostering poor habits and discipline in the process. I knew what to do, I just was not doing it or doing it very consistently. The sad truth is that I was playing very small in life. I was serving no one well, but most importantly, I wasn’t serving myself or my family well either. Everything appeared great on the outside, however, I was suffering in silence. I wanted to change, I wanted to have a WHY or a PURPOSE, I just struggled with developing a compelling one that would take me through the downs as well as the ups in my climb to the top.

Susan Sly: What shifted for you? Because you were basically out of any major production in your business for nearly four years and then in about a one year span of time, you maxed out a business center. How does that happen?


Me: This is the $702,000 question, right. I tried for many years to find a way to get me into production and keep me there, but nothing worked. It may have worked for some, but not me.

Then at the end of September, 2015, I was invited to take part in a mastermind group. This group spanned the globe and began with over 700 people. Just like anything else, attrition set in because some were unwilling to let go of resistance and let go of their old mental blueprint.

This mastermind was like nothing I had ever experienced before and the true game changer for all areas of my life and of course for my business success too. I’m also getting ready to release my first book that I authored titled, “The 7-Figure Secrets of a Street Smart Entrepreneur”. This book would not exist without the mastermind alliance.

This mastermind is a 27-week journey through the Master Key System with a Mastermind Alliance. You’re also given a personal guide to accompany you on this 27-week journey.

What made this mastermind alliance so appealing to me is that you can’t buy your way in. You earn your way by your completion of requirements and you stay in by participating in a Pay It Forward Scholarship. It’s a beautiful concept because the mastermind group before me, paid it forward so I could participate and so on.

In the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, you don’t just overcome your fears, you eliminate them. Did you know that Napoleon Hill’s success was due largely to The Master Key System. The Master Key system operates on the premise that the world without is a reflection of the world within. Therefore, if we are dissatisfied with our world without, we must begin work, hard mental work on our world within. And so I did and how my first business center maxed out in a year and my second business center will max out by the end of 2017, as well.


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