Week 10 – Building Your Burning Desire


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family in the U.S.  Way to go for staying on course and giving these exercises all you’ve got!  Celebrate YOU!


We have a week off from the Sunday webinar and a PIF week coming up in week 11.  Your 2nd opportunity to pay it forward to next year’s class.

Reminder: Use the tools you received from your guide, keep them close to you.  I have a compass charm bracelet. I also have a compass necklace.  I also keep the compass and magnifying glass I received from my guide last year where I sit to read and do the exercises.  These tools are metaphors:

  • Compass – Live by the compass, not the clock.  Your compass is your DMP.  Your roadmap for what your new reality looks like that you’re manifesting daily.
  • Magnifying glass – Represents Focus. Be and stay laser focused on what you’re manifesting in your DMP and stay focused by your consistency in the exercises.


We can never talk enough about Enthusiasm.  It truly is the key to unlock your burning desire and your burning desire is oxygen for your soul.  Why do we talk about this every week?  It’s really that important.   If you’re reading your DMP in a monotone voice, do you think Subby will move fast or slow in bringing forth your goals?  When we are fueled with a burning desire to achieve our DMP our enthusiasm will be amped up and Subby will begin to move in your favor faster.

Reading the blueprint builder, your Dmp, a scroll from Og, the cards, all these exercises keep you focused on positive thoughts and build your burning desire.

The goal of the Mental Diet is to keep out the negative thoughts whereby you take “response ability” for your thoughts and actions.  You decide your response by leveraging the law of dual thought.  We can attach any feeling we desire to any thought.  Isn’t life grand!

Peace, Love and Harmony to all.


Seven Days To A New You!

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