Week 10 – The Results are In…The Power of the Mind


Thank you all for following my blog and maybe even saying a prayer on my behalf. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The results of my biopsy were so favorable that when the doctor read the pathology report, I flung my arms in the air and yelled, “Yay, God!”

The lumps in my neck are referred to as goiters. The first question you may have and we did too is, “what causes goiters”? Now going into this whole scenario my husband had a theory that my body was iodine deficient, which can come from lacking salt in your diet. Hence, my show preparation may have contributed to such a deficiency. As soon as I returned home from my fitness show, I started taking iodine drops daily and continue to do so. We believe we can get rid of the goiters in my body through this regimen. The doctor never really had a clear cut answer to what causes goiters, but indicated it could come from an iodine deficiency. I know my husband was patting himself on the back at the doctor’ statement and rightly he should. Goiters are common in third world countries, but a little more uncommon in our first world society. My doctor wants to check me annually to be sure all remains good in my body. My plan and intention is that next year’s ultra sound will reveal no goiters. Poof, gone.

So, let’s tie this all back to the Master Key Ten. Let’s assume that when I learned of these five goiters in my neck that I started assuming the worst, like they were cancerous in my body. Do you suppose that the outcome of the biopsy would have been the same? Of course not. You see the power of our mind can bring about what we think about. If I had focused on cancer, cancer, cancer, I would be giving you a much different report today.

We must take personal responsibility for our minds and how we choose to think and direct our thinking to serve us and others. We all have a spiritual power within us that allows us to exist on a higher plane. We must first acknowledge this power as infinite power we have available to us, but more importantly we must feed it, nurture it and grow it to help ourselves and others. This is a universal law that exists whether we exercise it or not. “It is not I doeth the works, but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the work.”

Can you start to see the power behind what we are learning and applying in all areas of our lives and especially to our Definite Major Purpose and how we are able to make it so.

I want to leave you with the famous quote from Nelson Mandela, which seems most fitting for this post.

Nelson Mandela

Love and Peace, Friends.

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