Week 11 – Recipe for Success



That’s it in a nutshell. You have these four components and you are guaranteed success!

We spent a lot of time working and re-working and for some of us re-working some more our DMP or Definite Major Purpose. This is not something to be rushed because this is the core of your success. You must be authentic in your desire for the personal pivotal needs you choose and your DMP must be chocked full of feelings and emotions. If you’re not crying when you read your DMP or getting super excited about the achievement of your DMP, then chances are you’re not being authentic. One final key and uber important component of your DMP is what are you going to sacrifice for it to come to fruition.

Then we started learning and applying the 7 Day Mental Diet building our Positive Mental Attitude. In the 7 day mental diet, the goal is to go 7 days without a negative thought or spoken word. Try it sometime and let me know how you do? You may agree that 7 seconds may be considered a victory at first. But persistence over time and you will be able to go longer periods of time without a negative word or thought. Hint: give up your opinion on everything and it gets much easier. Congratulations!

Next we added to our recipe the POA or Plan of Action. Every week we add another commitment to move us toward achievement on our smart goals. A smart goal is a goal that supports a personal pivotal need. Your Definite Major Purpose is driven by your two personal pivotal needs. You decide what two you have a burning desire to achieve. They are: Legacy, Liberty, Autonomy, True Health, Recognition for Creative Expression, Helping Others, and Spiritual Growth. Your weekly commitment you add to your index card must be accomplished so make sure it is something you can and will do. The doing is more important.

Lastly is the MMA or Mastermind Alliance. This is where we as a community can come together on different topics ask questions, share, uplift and support one another. Great minds sharing great ideas means everyone wins and grows together. We are all learning, growing and stretching our minds in ways never been done before, so the community of like-minded individuals all working toward letting go of our old mental blueprints and living into our new mental blueprints is beyond words.

Seven Days To A New You!

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