Week 13 – Paper Flowers by Guest Blogger, Noelle Suzanne


noelle-suzanneNoelle Suzanne is a very special friend and one of which I have yet the privilege of meeting in person.  Someday soon, I’m certain. Perhaps at the Master Key live event. We are both entrepreneurs building the same business model and we share a passion for helping others achieve freedom from time and financial constraints.

Her journey through the Master Keys is producing wonderful results in her life, so when you visit her blog I encourage you to take some additional time to follow, read and comment on her continuing journey.


MKMMA Week 13 – Paper Flowers



Tonight my heart was filled with the greatest joy. It was the culmination of one of my endeavors in the Master Keys Experience class. With the prompting of the Master Keys, I made it my mission to bring a bit of light into this world through the act of giving.

The fabulous children of the Young Twin Valley Players along with the adult Twin Valley Players, a local theater group, gave their most precious gift, that of their time, energy and love. During their rehearsals for the Christmas Show at the Colonnade theater, the children made lovely paper flowers to give to the 63 elderly residents at Polk Personal Care Center. Each flower had a white ribbon with a positive affirmation on it. ‘You are magnificent, Your smile makes me happy, The world is better because you are here, I love you to the moon and back, I wish you peace, You are amazing grace…’


When I first saw the appreciation of one of the residents, my eyes welled up with tears. The women and men smiled as each received a hand-made paper flower from the children. Then the children along with the adults sang a beautiful Christmas carol. As I felt their heart lift, mine felt just a little bit lighter.

The old women reminded me of my sweet Grandmother. I lived with her when I was in junior and senior high school, and years prior to that as well. I could so relate to these wonderful, old women in their comfy robes with slippers and their gray hair. Some of them were decked out in their Christmas attire. The old men were equally sweet.


When the children asked them to pick out a flower from a small bunch, one woman carefully inspected the flowers to be sure she received the very best, while another replied sweetly, “You pick one out for me.” It was so moving to see how every single person was gracious, and grateful.
One of the old women had a sweat shirt on. The words “I Believe in Angels” was written on it. I told her I believed in angels too and she flashed me a big smile. I do believe too. Tonight I was surrounded by angels of all ages. It was truly incredible.

Sharon, the fabulous activity coordinator, led us down the hallways and knocked on doors one at a time. She asked the residents if they would like a flower or a song. Most of them wanted both. The children let them choose a flower and sang a Christmas carol along with the adults. Their voices were magnificent. I am in awe of the talent in this little town.

So now I want to take a quiet moment and thank all the players for the wonderful Christmas present they gave me tonight. Thank you Young and adult Twin Valley Players. Thank you Sharon for your patience and time in getting this organized. Thank you Brandi for being a mover and a shaker and bringing everyone together and helping to make this happen. Thank you to the businesses, Millersburg Hardware Co. and The Furniture Center, who donated to the materials for the flowers.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Christmas time all these wonderful people stepped away from the madness to give of themselves to make Millersburg, Pennsylvania a town that I am so proud to be a part of.

My fondest thank you is for the residents at the Polk Personal Care Center. Your smiles, your kind hearts, your gracious interaction with the children was the most treasured gift I could have ever received. I am humbled and grateful for every single one of you. My love pours out to you. Thank you.



Tonight I was lifted higher by the light that illuminates the heart of each one of us. I wish you peace. Love Noelle Suzanne

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