Week 16 – Harmony and Happiness


Wow, what a week this has been meditating on Harmony and Happiness. Why?  Because in week 15, we focused on the word, Kindness. As an alliance we were tasked with recognizing acts of:

Kindnesses witnessed
Kindness given
Kindnesses received
Kindnesses done secretly without getting caught
Kindnesses done secretly and getting caught :-)
Kindnesses acknowledged in the members area

Every time we experienced any of these scenarios, we were asked to post because MarkJ was fasting until we reached the 5,000 kindness mark. How cool, we did it!

The Law of Growth in action: Whatever I think about grows and what I forget atrophies without exception. Naturally, I saw kindness everywhere!

A week of focusing on acts of Kindness was the perfect set up for Master Key 16. We have learned that spiritual laws exist and that having an understanding and conscious operation of these laws, we can convert any difficulty into a blessing.

In 16:8 it states that the power to create depends entirely upon spiritual power. There are three steps: idealization, visualization and materialization and that thought precedes and determines action.

In the MKMMA our idealization is our DMP, the visualization is our meditating of our DMP, Press Release, and Movie Poster. The materialization is seeing the ideal happening in your mind before it plays out and hence it does.

Further explained in 16:16 – It is by the exercise of this power that we take our fate out of the hands of chance, and consciously make for ourselves the experiences which we desire, because when we consciously realize a condition, that condition will eventually manifest in our lives; it is therefore evident that in the last analysis thinking is the one great cause in life.

The creation of the idealization then bringing into life in your mind through visualization creates mental images on the mind that lead to materialization in the real world. Therefore, to control thoughts is to control, circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.
The last vital piece of this is vitality or the feeling you put behind the ideal. Express your ideal to your subconscious mind with enthusiasm so that it will attract everything necessary to complete your ideal.

When I read 16:28, I become so excited to live into a happy and harmonious mental state. “If you desire to visualize a different environment, the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind, until your vision has been made real; give no thought to persons, places or things; these have no place in the absolute; the environment you desire will contain everything necessary; the right persons, and the right things will come at the right time and in the right place.

This all becomes possible because of our mental attitude and why we have meditated on Harmony and Happiness. The right mental attitude will bring about your desired results where everything seems to “just happen”.

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