Week 17 – Concentration Yields Visualization


Welcome to week 17 and thank you for reading my blog posts and commenting!

This week’s meditation is about concentration. This involves letting go of any conscious effort to do so. Relaxing completely into the meditation and allowing your subconscious to focus in on your ideal. We know that desire is purely subconscious, that desire, a burning desire is necessary to achieve success; therefore, your ability to concentrate is allowing the subconscious thoughts to take over so that you are conscious of nothing else.

We know from previous lessons that the subconscious mind will act out all that we consistently feed it. It has no way of discerning whether the information we feed it consistently and persistently is real or not, so it will naturally make it so. Therefore, we must be clear on what we desire because the subconscious will give you what you ask of it. People, places and things will come into alignment to create the outcome you seek through clear, concise direction and repetition.

This week’s meditation was a challenge for me the first couple of tries. Then as I relaxed into the concentration, I began to experience a very vivid and clear visualization. I’m not sure if this visualization means that I’ve broken my concentration or that could it be so concentrated that I am materializing the vision in my subconscious. I would like to believe the latter.

We know that success lies in our ability to create an idealization, visualization and materialization.

I find each one of the Master Key lessons become more and more exciting knowing that simple daily disciplines can completely alter the course of my life and thus achievement of my Dharma or Definite Major Purpose.

Two key points I wish to mention in this lesson are 17:8 which states Desire is largely subconscious; conscious desire rarely realizes its object when the latter is out of immediate reach. Subconscious desire arouses the latent faculties of the mind, and difficult problems seem to solve themselves. Secondly, in 17:17 the intensity of one moment’s earnest concentration and the intense longing to become and to attain may take you further than years of slow normal and forced effort; it will unfasten the prison bars of unbelief, weakness, impotence and self-belittlement, and you will come into a realization of the joy of overcoming.

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  1. Beautifully written, Patty! So happy for you on your success in your Sits this week. And I agree….with every lesson the excitement builds as we come to truly understand the possibilities are endless.

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