Week 17 – Kindness Goal Crushed!


Kindness Mother Theresa

Wow!  This week our members absolutely crushed the Kindness goal.

Every year MarkJ challenges the members to focus on “Kindness” for a week and to share the acts of kindnesses in our private members area that they experienced in a week by focusing on Kindness.

This is not just about the acts of kindnesses that others give to you, it’s about finding yourself being kind to others just by focusing on the word.  It’s a beautiful thing that happens.

The goal was to reach 4,000 posts of acts of kindness in a week and in turn, MarkJ, would give 300 hugs to strangers.  Not only did our members hit the 4k mark, they CRUSHED it by posting 7,550 kindness posts. Wahoo!!!

I love this week because just like the Law of Growth states, “whatever I focus on grows and what I forget atrophies without exception” rings true for our members.

This goal was a collective consciousness of everyone focusing on one word and what you give your attention to becomes your intention.

This assignment was part of our Franklin Makeover developed by Benjamin Franklin where there are 13 virtues and you are to assign one virtue per week based on what virtues you require the most work in to improve.  Kindness week is always the 2nd week and we do it as a group.

Week 1 I chose self-control as my virtue to focus on because that is the virtue I feel I require the most work in to improve my self-control.  It was eye opening to say the least to focus on that for a week and by doing so have honed the areas of my life I require the most work in…a humbling experience.

This past week’s virtue was specialized knowledge.  I really feel like the one thing I require to launch my business into the stratosphere is “skill”.  This will in turn allow me to realize my Liberty SMART goal as my new reality. Yes!  I require specialized knowledge.  So in this past week, I have linked arms with a fellow partner in Go90Grow and we are practicing our dialogue for 30 minutes prior to making calls.  I am promoting this program so others can achieve their specialized knowledge and I am gaining confidence in my specialized knowledge every day.  I am labeling this week a victory!

Peace, Love and Harmony to all.



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