Week 18 – Discipline Can Feel Like a 4-Letter Word


DisciplineThere is nothing sexy about the word DISCIPLINE.  Just the thought of discipline elicits thoughts of pain, drudgery and difficulty.  The most common new year’s resolution is weight loss.  For most it requires developing discipline in the areas of working out and making conscious decisions about what you decide to consume for nutrition. So why do we seek more of it?  We seek change, but it doesn’t always come easy.

Discipline is required to get me to my goals.  If I want to finish that half marathon race, then I require discipline in following a running schedule.  If I want to generate a 5-figure a month residual income check equal to my real estate income, then I require discipline in growing my team.  If I want to compete in figure competitions, I require discipline in doing the figure workouts, posing and following the food plan required of me to compete in this category.

Once you have mastered the art of discipline, do what is required without even thinking about it.  It just happens without fail.  The question becomes how bad do you want it.  How enthusiastic are you about achieving your goal.

What’s really interesting in having this virtue so high on my list of virtues to improve on is that I often get compliments from people who say to me, “you’re so disciplined!”  What they don’t know is that you have to move through dis-ease in order to experience ease.  So it’s true, I have conquered discipline in some areas of my life, but in other areas, it still eludes me.

Do Daily

One thing that I find that helped me to appreciate and feel grateful for how far I’ve come in this virtue is making a list of all that I am disciplined in first.  Here’s my list and I encourage you to make your own.  Lead with gratitude and more will flow!

  • Daily quiet time
  • Daily gratitude journal (list of 10 Monday through Saturday and 20 on Sunday)
  • Required reading 3x/day
  • Daily Prayer
  • Daily Meditation
  • Food Log
  • Exercise
  • 7-8 hours of rest each night
  • 100+ ounces of water consumption daily
  • Weekly check-in with my fitness coach with photos and food log
  • Blog weekly

Making your own list allows you to be kind to yourself in your pursuit of Discipline.

Peace, Love and Harmony to all.




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