The Hero’s Journey


This week we are slowing down in order to speed up. We are not moving on to Master Key 18, at least, not just yet. Instead we are focusing in on the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey is the journey to become my future self. My future self is self-reliant, self-confident, she is shedding her old skin and is born anew, she is forming good habits and becoming their slave, she leads with love in her heart, with love she increases her sales a hundredfold and becomes a great salesman, she persists until she succeeds, she is rare and there is value in all rarity and she is nature’s greatest miracle. This list will continue to grow as I add another scroll each month to my readings.

A few more assignments this week, but mainly we are focusing in on the progression. Your commitment to the progression is really about consistency on a daily basis. How committed are you to realizing your future self?

The payoff is massive and I can honestly say I am experiencing the shift. This started in week 13 for me and I have completely embraced it.

The persistence progression is linked to 5 habits
1. Gratitude
2. Kindness
3. Movement
4. “The Sit”
5. “Reliving” a nice moment – write 1-2 sentences

By living into these daily disciplines you will have something extraordinary ALL people desire.

Stay tuned!

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