Week 20 – Lean In – Be Courageous



This is COURAGE week for me in the Franklin Makeover.  I have always looked at the word COURAGE as the absence of fear.

Let me take you back to September 2015 when I was invited by my friend, Flo Bradley, to take a look at this course called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  I remember that as I watched the launch videos for this course, my resistance was whispering in my ear, “you don’t have time for this”.  However, there was one single sentence that MarkJ spoke that piqued my curiosity.  I remember him saying, that you will not only overcome your fears, you will eliminate them.  Wow, how grand would life be with no fear.  Fear was holding me back at the time and I really felt paralyzed from taking action toward achieving my goals.

I mastered the daily requirements for this course and around weeks 13/14, I experienced a massive shift in my thinking and consequently, my actions.  Imagine what it would feel like to move toward rather than retreat from your authentic self.  Stay true to these daily habits and exercises and you will experience your own shift in your hero’s journey to your authentic self.

I am forever grateful to Flo Bradley for having the COURAGE to invite me into the Master Key Experience.

Since this time, what I’m learning is that sustained COURAGE is really 80% specialized knowledge.  When I break this down for me, it’s really about learning, applying and mastering the specialized knowledge that I require to build my confidence, which translates into action in the pursuit of my goals.

As MarkJ illustrated in this week’s video, be the Hedgehog not the Fox.  The Hedgehog has and focuses on specialized knowledge where the Fox lacks specialized knowledge and knows a lot about a lot with no plan.  No plan, no progress.

COURAGE is making progress which means spending 80% of my scheduled time in the A & B activities that drive my business forward with 50% on the A activity and 30% on the B activity.  Progress, not perfection.  Here we go!

Peace, Love and Harmony to all.

One of my tribe members so beautifully illustrates COURAGE in her life.  Enjoy:  Week 21 – Courage – by Deb Schnitzer

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