Week 21 – Taking Initiative vs. Comfort Zone


Comfort ZoneI find it interesting that my virtue for the week in the Franklin Makeover is “Taking Initiative” and it falls right in line with the introduction of how to shift negative emotions of Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings, Fear, and Unworthiness into tools for expanding your comfort zone.

Why is the comfort zone so comfortable?  Why do people stay there rather than pursuing their goals and dreams?  It’s easy and requires no effort to stay with what’s familiar.

Next week we will go deeper into how to leverage these negative emotions as tools to move you out of your comfort zone and into goal achievement.

What’s important in this process is that it’s ok to stumble.  The hard mental labor we are doing in this course to imprint a new mental blueprint in the subconscious mind takes time and consistent effort with the daily exercises.  And even then, the old mental blueprint will continue it’s attempts to take up residency in your mind and keep you stuck where you don’t want to be.  i.e. the comfort zone.

As I was experiencing my own backsliding a bit, I felt compelled to look back on my week 21 blog post from a year ago.  Interesting to note I was stumbling at this same point in the course then too.

Here’s the link to read my discovery.

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