Week 22A – Spotlight Blogger – Jimmie D King


This is a week we give our members a break before the final three webinars.  Normally during a webinar break they have assigned movies to  watch.  I love movies, don’t you?  Especially the movie list we provide.

King RoadJimmie and Lori2

This week I really want to share a blog post a friend of mine wrote recently.  Jimmie is a good friend, husband and all around good guy to everyone he meets.  He has served his country.  Thank you for your service, Jimmie.  He lives, works and plays full out.  He goes after his goals with passion and conviction and I greatly admire his tenacity.  Jimmie and his beautiful wife, Lori, are both members of the class of 2016 Master Key Experience.  When you can take this journey simultaneously with your spouse, amazing things happen as a couple.

Enjoy his blog post, but also take the time to poke around his website because he always delivers value.

Peace, Love and Harmony to all.

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