Week 24 – My Heart is Singing


I have really enjoyed having  Deb Schnitzer in my 2016 tribe and following her journey through the Master Keys has just filled my heart with song. deb-schnitzer

Deb and I recently connected by phone and I will never forget something she said in that conversation that still rings clear in my mind.  Now understand that one of Deb’s SMART goals is Liberty.  What she said in that phone conversation was, “it’s like people are throwing money at my feet.”  Drop the mic.  That is music to a guide’s ears.

Deb has been consistent every step of the way in the Master Key Experience.  She has blogged weekly, completed all her assignments, and remained committed to her daily exercises from the word GO!

What Deb is experiencing in her personal life is exactly what we expect when you take your own hero’s journey to your authentic self.  Her new mental blueprint is becoming her reality.

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Peace, Love and Harmony to all.

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