Week 25 – Commencement is the beginning


The goal of the Master Key Experience is Self-Reliance for our members.  To not rely on a self-proclaimed guru or guru’s, but on one’s self.  To always seek truth from within and to discover your bliss by taking your hero’s journey to your authentic self.

This was my first year as a guide.  I have been gifted a tribe that I now have relationships with beyond this course.  I am grateful for all the valuable lessons I have learned as a “newbie” guide that will assist me to be better and refine my guide skills for the next class of MKMMA.

Gratitude to my Master Guide, Derek Atchley, for giving me so many learning opportunities once we launched in September.

Thank you to Mark, Davene, and Dayna, for all you do tirelessly so more scholarships can be awarded each year.

Thank you to all the friends I invited in to MKMMA, who said yes to their calling to their bliss and massive congratulations to those who have completed the Master Key Experience.

Congratulations to my fellow guides and all the members of the 2016 Master Key Experience.

And now a link to my Week 25 post from a year ago. Enjoy! Click Here

Seven Days To A New You!

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