Week 3 – Murky DMPs, Enthusiasm and Giving 100%…Oh My!


I’ve always been accused of being a dreamer so murky has never been part of my vocabulary.

Definition of murky

1 :  characterized by a heavy dimness or obscurity caused by or like that caused by overhanging fog or smoke

2 :  characterized by thickness and heaviness of air :  foggy, misty

3 :  darkly vague or obscure <murky official rhetoric>

For some members though, thoughts of dreams or the possibility of dreams becoming their reality is foreign.  And so we refer to those DMPs as murky.  This may be the first time in their life they’ve ever been asked, “what things do you want to achieve”.  Thinking those thoughts and expressing them in clear, succinct words is a process and that’s where the role of a guide begins.

One of the biggest challenges members face and this was certainly one of my challenges too when I was a member, is in wanting to describe “how” these things are achieved.  The beautiful thing about our conscious and subconscious minds is that the conscious mind feeds the subconscious mind what it wants and the subconscious mind makes it so.  The key is consistency and following the outlined protocol.  It doesn’t look for or require directions on the how part.  Isn’t that exciting!  All you are tasked to do is define the end result you wish to achieve.  Our ego has a tendency to want to complicate things by telling Subby how to do things, but Subby can do it better and faster without our directive on the how part.


This is especially true when the DMP is laced with enthusiasm.  MarkJ says you must read your DMP with unbridled enthussssssiasm!  I can hear his enthusiasm as he hangs on that word.  Yes, it’s that important.

A DMP without enthusiasm, without the feelings and emotions attached to how it will feel when you achieve that “thing” you have in your DMP is like winning the lottery without getting excited…who does that?

Imagination is the key to enthusiasm.  When we give ourselves permission to dream about what we want, it elicits the feelings and emotions around the achievement.

When you feed Subby your DMP consistently with unbridled enthusssssiasm, things will begin to happen with zero effort on your part.


Haanel says in 3:22 – You have already learned that the sub-conscious is intelligent and that it is creative, and responsive to the will of the conscious mind.  What, then, is the most natural way of making the desired impression?  Mentally concentrate on the object of your desire; when you are concentrating you are impressing the sub-conscious.

Are you ready to give this 100%?!

Peace, Love and Harmony to all.

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