Week 4 –Golden Buddha or Cement Buddha?


Welcome to week #4!  This is the week I am witnessing great progress with my tribe on their DMPs.  It’s both fun and exciting for me to see the visual of their words describing their future unfold before me.

At the same time, I see struggle to determine what is their sacrifice.  Stating your sacrifice in your DMP is  crucial to an effective DMP becoming your reality.  The sacrifice must be written in positive language, which is a challenge in itself.  Your mind is going, “how do I state what’s keeping me from my goal achievement in a positive way”.  This was certainly the hardest part for me a year ago and is the one component that people avoid because it requires getting honest about what’s really keeping them from having these things in their life already.  Simply put, you must state what you are willing to give up or overcome to achieve your DMP.  Also referred to as the “cement” in our life.  I think you’ll grasp this better once you watch this video.

So the metaphor here is that we were all born golden.  We are golden by nature, connected to our bliss, all knowing, connected to Source, knowing all truth when we were born.   And then what happens is life’s conditioning starts happening at a young age and so we begin to develop stone or cement over our Buddha, our authentic self, which makes us believe we are the stone Buddha and not the golden Buddha.

Then something comes along that cracks our stone.  It could be an injury, divorce, financial setback and this really scares us and knocks off some of our stone and that’s when we see a glimpse of our gold.  When this happens it is referred to as the Hero’s Journey and every member in this 2016 class is here because they are answering the call to their own Hero’s Journey, the journey to their authentic self.

Unfortunately, some of our members refuse to take their Hero’s Journey and we must say goodbye to them.  I bring this up in week #4 because as MarkJ says, this is the week members often choose to refuse the call and quit.  They are, of course, welcome back to a future MKMMA class.

I’m thrilled to share that my tribe members are answering the call, they are on their Hero’s Journey and shifts are happening for them with rapid fire.

Peace, Love and Harmony to all.

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