Week 5 – PIF, Press Release and Power (mental that is)




In week 5 the members are asked to participate in the Pay-it-forward scholarship for the future members of MKMMA 2017 class.  Last year’s class paid it forward so this year’s class members have a scholarship to this course.  Now it’s time for this class to pay it forward so next year’s class members have the opportunity to take their own hero’s journey.

This is a beautiful concept and one where the members are able to give their input as to what they think the PIF amount should be.  When you personally experience this course and how your life is shifting for the better, you want to pay this forward  so others can experience it too.

Now that all of the components of the DMP have been covered and the members are putting the finishing touches on their DMP, we now begin to leverage their DMP in different ways to sink it deeper into their subconscious mind.  Writing a press release is one of the ways we do that.  The press release is to announce and celebrate their DMP becoming their reality.

I loved this exercise a year ago and how I chose my mentor to interview me in my press release.  This is a super powerful tool for the Subby because the Subby believes what we feed it.  So feed your Subby really good stuff! 😉

What we are doing here is overriding our old mental blueprint and creating our new mental blueprint by leveraging the subconscious mind.  Did you know you have that much power?


In Master Key 5-16 it states – To gain this estate (aka your new reality), three processes are necessary:

  1. You must earnestly desire it.
  2. You must assert your claim.
  3. You must take possession.
  1. Authentic PPNs create earnest desire and they are oxygen for your soul.
  2. DMP asserts a new intention.  It is the “claim”.
  3. Emotional repetition of DMP creates new reality…If you add consistency and faithfulness to the exercises? BAM! The subconscious mind takes possession. The press release is crucial to “taking possession.

This all sounds pretty simplistic wouldn’t you agree?

In 5-21: This Infinite Life flows through you; is you.  Its doorways are but the faculties which compromise your consciousness.  To keep open these doors is the Secret of Power.  Is it not worthwhile to make the effort?

Peace, Love and Harmony to all.

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