Week 6 – The Importance of a Guide


This 27-week experience is pretty amazing in itself, but did I mention that each one of us has our own personal guide through the process. Along with having a guide, we have the powerful community of people in the mastermind group all working together in alliance with one another. We can share victories, challenges, ask questions, share our DMP and so on. It’s a pretty cool way to stay connected and really get to know one another all around the world.

Back to my Guide. This past week I really got to experience the importance of my guide and her role in moving me forward with my DMP. Interestingly, I thought I had placed the cherry on top and finished the task of writing and expressing with emotion and sacrifice my DMP. A DMP is Definite Major Purpose or your Chief Aim in Life, sometimes referred to as your WHY.

I was feeling really good about my DMP and the thought and time I invested in it when my Guide, started asking if what I was writing was really what I wanted or was I really attempting to express another personal pivotal need. At first I was feeling defeated, even annoyed, and even a bit of a failure in how many revisions it was taking for me to really nail my DMP. I’m a Red personality type, so patience does not come naturally for me. I truly have to work at it.

But then I took a step back, opened my mind and my heart and suddenly felt grateful for her courage to confront me so I could see what I couldn’t see for myself. She was so determined and committed to assist me to be victorious in this process that she suggested we connect by phone. I appreciate that opportunity to get to know her as a friend, an ally. We covered what needed to be said in lightning fast speed so I could understand how my DMP was still lacking oxygen for the soul. Think about this, when you read your DMP aloud, if you’re not getting absolutely fired up, excited and enthusiastic with what you read, then how is the subconscious supposed to make it so. Remember, “words are the highest form of architecture in civilization…and the passport to success”.

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4 thoughts on “Week 6 – The Importance of a Guide”

  1. Great post about your DMP and your guide! Thank you for sharing! My guide is similar — she won’t let me finish until it is right!


  2. Your discovery… your hard work and tenacity, Patty! Your guide is blessed to have you in her tribe!

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