Week 8 – Becoming a Yogi of the Mind…Stretch Yourself! 


First of all, congratulations and celebrate yourself for showing up and not giving up!

Ok, on to week #8:

I’m not talking about yoga stretches here, I’m talking about staying true to these exercises and acknowledging your thoughts of “will this really work?” as your resistance, your old mental blueprint attempting to keep you right where you don’t want to be for the rest of your life.

You are guaranteed success if you follow this formula consistently every day as directed:


Your Definite Major Purpose plus your Positive Mental Attitude plus your Plan of Action plus the Mastermind Alliance equals SUCCESS!

Just like you, there were times where I questioned whether everything I was doing on a daily basis was really making a difference. Knowing that I had to trust the process, not question it, I stuck to the formula.  As a graduate of this course you must know the answer is a resounding YES!  Yes this formula works and faster than anything you have ever attempted before.  So what was the outcome for me of staying true to these exercises?  Watch this video:

My fears that once kept me paralyzed from taking action in my business and really checking out on life were slipping away. I was no longer plagued with thoughts of self-judgment or thoughts of what others might be thinking of me.  A new sense of self-confidence started emerging.  And folks once that happens, it is game over on your DMP.  Keep doing these exercises and don’t stop.  Embrace the journey!

When I watch this video with Kevin Spacey, it just fires up my heart and amplifies my burning desire for the achievement of my Definite Major Purpose.

Seven Days To A New You!

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