Week 8 – Press Release Read & Sit


We are just one week away from completing our first trimester in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. This first trimester is where all the time consuming set up work is required in order to begin the hard mental labor of putting it all into practice. In MKMMA, we like to say “perfect practice prevents poor performance”. The more you faithfully practice the daily exercises, the more you feed your subconscious it’s new mental blueprint and BAM, your subby begins to make it so.

By communicating to your subconscious using the 7 ways we learn, we can be sure we have covered all bases. It’s also like giving your conscious mind a vacation while your subconscious mind is working overtime for your benefit.

This week we are taking the Press Release we wrote in week five and we are doing a read and sit. Picture in your mind that your DMP or Definite Major Purpose is complete. A press release is super exciting to write knowing the idea is that you are being celebrated and you get to choose who interviews you for the announcement.

I get butterflies in my belly from the excitement of just thinking about this. Imagine that your personal pivotal needs along with your smart goals are celebrated for their achievement in your press release. You read your press release aloud and meditate, hence the sit, on seeing the future self as present. This is so powerful and a necessary part of training our subconscious to move us in the direction we wish to go. This is one of my favorite exercises because the visual is so crystal clear and the feelings and emotions that come to the surface during the sit are physical and raw.

In order to cultivate the imagination, it must be exercised. Exercise is necessary to cultivate mental muscle as well as physical muscle. Constructive imagination means mental labor, by some considered to be the hardest kind of labor, but, if so, it yields the greatest returns, for all the great things in life have come to men and women who had the capacity to think, to imagine, and to make their dreams come true. ~ The Master Key System

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